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small classes, run seven days a week

We run dog agility training classes every day of the week, and from morning 'til dark several days a week! We should be able to find a time that works for you (not always immediately, but we have a waiting list)!

We offer a range of classes, including foundation work for puppies, and we keep them small!

Our Classes

We only provide full dog agility training to dogs over 1 year, or 18 months for larger dogs, because they do not stop growing until then.


That first year (or 18 months for larger dogs) is crucial; asking them to do all agility obstacles, eg full-height jumps, until they are fully grown could harm them. We do, however, offer a foundation agility class for younger dogs to prepare them for agility training once they are fully developed. 


See below for more details about the classes we offer (hover or tap on the image to see more details):

Dogs max per class!

Foundation Agility

For younger dogs, 8 months - 1 year/18 months
Help with co-ordination and initial agility training for younger dogs. Prepares them for joining a beginners agility class once old enough.

Dogs in foundation classes do not do jumps, or anything else that might harm their physical development.


Big boys/girls pants agility!

For dogs over 1 year, or 18 months (for larger dogs).
We aim for classes with dogs of similar size (means you're not waiting around for jump heights to be changed!) and ability.
For full details of our classes, including prices, go to the 'Join Us' section of the main page, and click on 'Class prices and details'.

To be added to our list of people who would like a class with us, click on 'Apply to go on our list' (to the right of 'Class Prices and Details') and fill out the form. That will give us all the details we need to find you a suitable class.

fun for all sizes, levels & aspirations

Tiny to huge dogs.....
Beginners to experienced.....
Just for fun or wanting to compete.....

We cater for everyone - in a relaxed environment, focussed on you and your dog having fun!!

Who We Cater For

We have dog agility training classes for all levels of ability, from absolute beginners, through to advanced and competition levels. We cater for everyone, from those that just want to have a bit of fun with their dog – to those that have aspirations of competing!


You don’t need to know what your aim is when you join. Many have joined us just to have fun, or to give their dog more variety, and ended up competing!


The best way for us to give you a flavour of Quintor, and to help you decide if we’re right for you, is if members of our ‘family’ tell you their story……..

Yellow lab going over agility jump.
Dog going through agility tyre
Jack takes the tyre

Just after 2000, my family and I lost our beloved and very intelligent border collie.  We made the decision that our next dog would not be like our last and, as our house was very empty without our beloved Buster, we decided very quickly to get another dog.  Much to my partner’s dismay this turned out to be a Spollie (Welsh Springer Spaniel x Border Collie).  At 12 weeks old Jack came and joined our family from a local farm just the other side of Totnes, everything started off very well………….


Dog going over agility jump
Jack jumping with determination!

At around 8 months Jack decided that while we were out on our walks I was no longer interesting enough for him and would clear off to see if there were any other dogs around that he could spend some time with.  He started to have ‘selective hearing’ and would only return to me on his terms and would not come back even if I had his favourite treat.  When his hormones kicked in I spent a lot of my time rescuing the local female dog population from his amorous advances. At the age of 10 months I did 'the best thing’ you can do to a young amorous dog, but this seemed to make little difference.  Walks started to become very embarrassing and stressful for me and not fun.  I was at my wits' end and had started to think about possibly finding him a new home as I had tried all the training tips that had been offered to me in bountiful supply.  I then hit on an idea.


Dog doing agility weaves
Jack practices his weaves

Our son was at secondary school and there was a lady who collected her son from the juniors who I knew did dog agility.  I plucked up courage one day to speak to her and ask her if she did any teaching.  Funnily enough she had just been approached by someone she knew to start up teaching agility for them.  I told her how desperate I was and she very kindly arranged for me to meet her at a friend’s farm.  We started in the corner of a field with a toy and a jump. As the saying goes, the rest is history!


Years later we are still doing agility with Jan. We did start to go to a few shows, but you don’t have to do that. Agility is fun for both dog and owner and helps you to become a better partnership!


Thanks Jan!!

Fran & Jack

Belgian Groenendael doing agility weaves
Hector nails the weaves

I have wanted to do dog agility ever since I saw it on TV at Crufts as a child. The next thing our farm collie knew I was trying to get him to go over the horse jumps! He was quite bemused by the whole thing, but nonetheless very good - and it fired my enthusiasm...


It was many years before I could have a dog of my own but, when the opportunity arose in 2011, our choice of dog was shaped by my desire to do agility. Belgian Shepherds fit the bill, as they were protective (which we wanted) but also renowned for their aptitude for agility - although it's fair to say they're not a breed for the uninitiated or feint hearted!


Belgian Terveuren going over agility A-frame
The tongue of concentration!

The next thing was to find ourselves an agility trainer: enter Jan! I was quickly hooked, and we've never looked back. At the time of writing this, we've been going to her for 8 years - and it remains one of the absolute highlights of my week! It's fair to say we've probably not been the easiest for Jan to teach, but she has persevered with unwavering patience and good humour! Today we're a regular member of her demo team. 


It had always been my ambition to compete. Jan has been telling me we're ready for years, but I haven't quite felt we were there until recently. Many people do compete based just on having weekly lessons like we do, but I didn't fancy getting up at the crack of dawn to go to a show (large grade 1 dogs tend to go first!) when I knew the chances of them doing the weaves or seesaw properly were barely above zero! We're hoping to put all that right soon, as I now have a few bits of equipment in my garden to practice with (including weaves!). My boys are getting a bit old to compete now, but most shows have senior or anysize classes with smaller jumps so I haven't given up all hope of making a debut on the scene!


Belgian Groenendael waiting at end of agility see-saw
Practicing 2-on 2-off contacts on the seesaw with Hector

Classes with Jan are just so much fun!!! She keeps it all so lighthearted. As someone who isn't originally from this part of Devon, I've also made many other friends besides Jan from being part of Quintor!


Belgian Terveuren taking the agility tyre
Rufus isn't so sure about the tyre!


I truly believe agility would never have become quite the passion for me that it now is if it wasn't for how much fun Jan makes it to learn and to do. Beware, though: as I believe has been said by someone else on here, it is highly addictive! You could well find yourself, like me, following in the footsteps of many an agility enthusiast and not only finding your garden full of agility equipment, but also wanting to buy at least a camper van if you do start competing and are not a fan of getting up in the middle of the night to get to a show half-way across the country (they tend to be spread far and wide)!

Carla, Hector & Rufus


stunning, and secure, outdoor training location

Quintor have a secure paddock, set in a beautiful rural location on the edge of Marldon, South Devon (UK) that we use for training (when it's dry enough!).

Our main training location....
Quintor main agility training field


We train in an absolutely beautiful location, as you can see above. Limited parking is available at our site too. 


See below for the exact location (marked by the red pin) – postcode TQ3 1SH:

We also have an alternative outdoor venue we can use (near the Penn Inn at Newton Abbot) when we can’t use our main location (usually because it’s to wet to use our paddock!). Ideal for die-hard enthusiasts who won’t let the weather stop them!

established 17 years

Quintor was started by Jan Jackson to provide dog agility training in 2007. It has grown since then, through reputation and word of mouth, to become her full-time occupation.

How it all began....
Quintor founder Jan with one of her collies
Jan with Rook

My name is Jan, and I started Quintor Agility in 2007.


I started dog agility training with my little collie cross over thirty years ago; I went along to my nearest agility club, and although my collie cross spent most of her time outside of the ring eating everyone’s sandwiches, I persevered. I went on to compete with my border collie, Tor.


I loved the sport so much that I wanted to teach others, to show them all the fun you can have with your dogs.  One day in 2008 a lady called Fran asked if I would teach her and her young collie-spaniel cross, Jack.  She was finding her dog very hard work, and was at her wits’ end, even considering taking him to the Rescue Centre, because she didn’t know what else to do.  I explained that I was not a trainer, but perhaps we could do some recalls and fun focus work to get her dog listening to her.


Quintor founder Jan with two of her collies
Jan with Rook and Yar

We began on a Saturday morning, just her and myself, and we got to work.  We started with the basics: recall and lots of play.  She came back every week and over time improved her relationship with her lovely dog.  It was thanks to her that I began teaching; I could see the results every week.  This lady and her dog have grown with me and my business. Today they are competing, and still train with me every Saturday.  You can read more of their story in the section on who we cater for.


I have three dogs now. My older two are officially retired from agility, but still enjoy the odd run over smaller courses. I’m currently training up my youngster ready to start competing.

Fast forward to today and she has trained more handlers with their dogs than she’s had hot dinners! Many have gone on to great success in competitions.


Jan is qualified as an LLAAB agility instructor. She also has a team of trusted and experienced trainers ready to assist with classes as and when required.

Latest Quintor news......

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Agility class members and their dogs with night collars

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Collie puppy holding toy in mouth

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Agility class members and their dogs

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Dogs and owners with their agility rosettes and trophies

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October 12

From our Facebook page (our daily updates)…..


Please click below to see more frequent news and updates from our Facebook page. You don’t need an account with Facebook to see them, but you won’t be able to add any comments or send us a message from there if you don’t have one. 


What our customers say.....

Francesca Harris
Francesca Harris
I helped start Quintor Dog Agility with Jan because my dog then was very naughty. I was very close to rehoming him as he would not listen to me and no matter what I did it just didn’t seem to work. Jan is so patient with dogs and their owners and she gets to know both very well and what works best for both. Her lessons are fun first and foremost and are very rewarding in just a short time. Group numbers are small and Jan makes every person feel important. Unfortunately, Jack, passed away last August but what he and I helped to start continues to go from strength to strength!! Give Quintor Agility a go, you will not be disappointed and neither will your dog!!
Carla Bryan
Carla Bryan
We’ve been going to Jan for 8 years now - and I can honestly say that it’s the highlight of our week. My boys love it, and so do I. Jan is just so patient - and she deserves a knighthood for her people skills! I haven’t always been her easiest student, but she has persisted calmly and unwaveringly - and always gets through to me in the end (it can take a bit of doing 😂🤣). I suspect many would have become exasperated and given up long ago! Most of all, she makes classes so relaxed - and so much fun! It feels more like a social activity than a paid lesson - you almost don’t realise just how much you’re learning. Jan just has a knack of making sure you learn lots, at the same time keeping it lighthearted. Thank you, Jan 😘 As you know, doing dog agility is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a child and saw it on Crufts (the poor farm dogs, being made to go over the pony jumps!!); and that even influenced the breed of dog I chose when I was finally able to get a dog and pursue my dream. With you, it’s been all I’d hoped for - and more!! I’m so glad I found you all those years ago - and the utter bonus has been the sheer number of other wonderful people I’ve met, and friends I’ve made, through going to Quintor.
Keirri Belight
Keirri Belight
My 3yo dog and I have been going for nearly 5 months now. We started with nearly zero focus. Play, sniff, birds hedge everything was more exciting than me and the course! I was tearing my hair out because the odd flash of him doing it he was fab. With Jan’s help we have got my boy thoroughly enjoying it. It’s loads of fun for both of us. He can now focus for most of the class and is impatient for his go!! Agility has strengthened the relationship with my furry boy so much. Love it!!
Christine Powlesland
Christine Powlesland
What can I say. Amazing trainer, fun classes and awesome results with your bestest! Just an amazing place for a patient and positive trainer. Teddy and I love our training sessions. Thank you Jan x
Anna Fredman
Anna Fredman
Absolutely fantastic trainer! Jan is so knowlegable, patient and most of all, she makes it so much fun for both the dog and handler! The classes are brilliant, so much fun and great for making new like-minded friends. Excellent if you just want a fun way to bond with your dog but also if you want to progress to competitions. I have been going for 18 months and it's become a lifestyle more than a hobby so this review comes with a warning that agility is highly addictive! 😉
David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Friendly group, small classes, good fun for both dogs and owners
Tina Lee
Tina Lee
Absolutely love Quinton Dog agility. The Jan's are lovely so patient and caring. highly recommended 🙂

Join a class...

We have spaces available!

Ladies with their dogs at Quintor Agility class

Group or 1 to 1 lessons

We offer group classes or (for an additional cost) 1-2-1 sessions.  Your first group session is usually booked as a block of 6. 

Pointer sniffing owner's hand

Taster sessions offered

You are welcome to come along for a taster session before you sign up for any course or group class to it to see if you like agility, and want to train with Quintor!

More about coming to a class with us....

Class prices and details
Swipe across to see all classes
Agility Foundation (course)
Agility Beginners (course)


/session (per dog)


/6 sessions (per dog)


/6 sessions (per dog)

£48 (Main Site)

£60 (Winter site)

/6 sessions (per dog)


/session (per dog)

Who is it for?
All levels, foundation-advanced (not 1-2-1s)
Teens: 8 months - 1 year (or 8-18 months, if large)
Dogs 1 year+ (or 18 months+ if large) with little or no experience of agility.
Dogs over 1 year (or over 18 months, if large) with experience of agility (can do all equipment)
Any age or level
One off - on demand
Ad hoc - as required
1 hour
1 hour
1 hour
1 hour
1/2 hour (but see notes)
Max dogs/ session
Up to 5 (or 4 for Foundation/Beginners)
Up to 4
Up to 4
Up to 5 (main site) or 4 (winter site)
1 (but see details)

Hover/ tap icon to see more info.  

  • We offer one taster session only to new (human!) clients.
  • Taster sessions are arranged as and when required
  • The taster session we offer you will be on a similar basis to the class or course you would join if you decide to continue training with us. See class/course details for information.
  • Taster sessions are not offered for 1-2-1 sessions as we do not require you to commit to a block of lessons. You can book a single 1-2-1 session to see if you like it before deciding if you would like more.
  • Young dogs in foundation classes do not do jumps, or any other equipment that may harm their development.
  • Foundation classes start with a course of 6 sessions, where your pup will learn the basics of agility.
  • The courses are progressive, building skills week-on-week, so we will not usually add anyone new to your course except at the very beginning. For this reason, courses (and tasters) can only be arranged when we have a slot free and enough people to run one.
  • Once you have completed the initial 6-week foundation course, you can continue in foundation classes until your pup is old enough to do full agility.
  • Beginner's classes are run as a course of 6 sessions to teach your dog (and you, if you have no experience) how to do all the equipment.
  • Classes are progressive, building skills week-on-week, so we will not usually add anyone to your course unless it's at the very beginning. For this reason, beginner's courses (and tasters) can only be arranged when we have a slot free and enough people to fill it. 
  • Once you have completed a beginner's course, you can join any agility class - but we do aim to keep handler/dog teams with similar levels of experience together.
We can usually find a space in an existing class for people who can do full agility. This means you can start (or do a taster) as soon as you are ready to.

If there are less than 5 in your class, additional dogs may join your class, either temporarily (if they cannot make their normal class) or more permanently.

If you and your fellow classmates would rather no-one joined you, that’s fine –we just ask that you pay a little more to reflect this:
  • 2 dogs: £15 per dog per session.
  • 3-4 dogs: £10 per session per dog
  • Please note we do not offer taster sessions for 1-2-1 sessions, as we don't require that you pay upfront for a block of lessons. They can be booked on a one-off, ad hoc, basis.
  • Your slot is not reserved for you beyond the sessions you've booked and paid for. So, if you book and pay on a one-off or weekly basis, your slot may not be available in subsequent weeks. If you want to be sure you keep the same slot, you can pay for a block of up to 6 lessons upfront after your first session.
  • 1-2-1 sessions can also be shared with another dog and increased to 1 hour at a rate of £15 per dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can dogs start agility?

We do not allow dogs in full agility classes until they are at least 12 months old, or 18 months for larger breeds. This is because they're still developing until then so some of the equipment, particularly jumps and the weaves, could harm them if they were to do it before they're fully grown.


We do, however, offer foundation agility classes for younger dogs. See above and 'More about our classes' at the top of our main page for more details of these classes.

Does my dog need any particular training before they can start doing agility?

Strictly speaking, no. We don’t insist on any particular training before your dog can join our classes.


However, you will probably progress faster and both get more from the lessons if you have done some basic training. This is particularly true if you’ve used positive, reward-based, training so your dog is eager to do what you ask of them (expecting a reward!) and used to following commands you give them.


The following are a few things we consider helpful:


Recall is helpful, so you can call or gesticulate to get your dog to come back to you


A good sit-wait will be essential fairly early on, as you will soon need to be able to leave your dog at the beginning of the course whilst you move further along (this assumes your dog can run faster than you can!!)


It is helpful if your dog is used to following your hand, ie lure training to position them or direct them somewhere, as you will often use your hands to direct where you want them to go in agility.


Please don’t worry if you don’t know how to train these things – we can help you, and suggest ways of doing it! However, if you feel confident teaching them to your dog,  you will probably find it will help.


Also, you probably will find it helpful if your dog shows an interest in tug or other toys – for many dogs, a quick play session with you can be more rewarding than a treat!

Where do you train?

Our main location is in Marldon, near Paignton. If you click on 'Our Main Location' near the top of our main page, you'll find a map and more details about it. 


We do also have an alternative site we can use when we're unable to use our main site (usually because it's too wet to train in a field!). That's between Torquay and Newton Abbot.  

What times are the classes & what spaces do you have?

We run classes every day of the week, including evenings two days a week when it's light enough. What we can offer you, and how soon, will depend on which type of class would work for you, the slots we have free and when you're available. 


Weekends and evenings are most in demand. We're constantly working to make more classes available, but it  can sometimes be a bit longer before we've got a suitable slot to offer you if that's the only time you're available or you have very limited availability. 


Please see 'Details' under the information about classes above to find out more about different classes and how they're arranged.


Current Availability (as of 17 July 2024)

The availability we have is ever-changing as courses finish, we fill spaces or start new classes and people come and go etc. However, the following is the availability we have as of the above date to give you an idea:  


Foundation/Beginner's Courses:

We have slots available we're planning to run courses on once we can fill them on the following days: <br>


Monday: afternoon - 2 slots

Tuesday: early morning  - 1 slot

Wednesday: afternoon - 1 slot

Thursday: evening - 2 slots

Saturday: possibly morning - 1 slot

Sunday: possibly afternoon - 1 slot


Please note that we tend to run less foundation courses than we do beginners courses (ie for dogs that can do all agility). We usually have less younger dogs on our waiting list, so we don't have enough people who are free when we've got a slot as often as we do for older dogs. 



Spaces available as for courses above, as we may use those slots for 1-02-1s if we don't fill them with beginners courses, plus additional spaces on:


Tuesday morning

Wednesday morning and afternoon

Friday morning

Sunday afternoon


Novice classes and above (for experienced people)

We have classes with spaces every day of the week besides Friday at the moment, although this may obviously change if we fill them or move people around to make more slots free for beginners courses.   


We do try to keep people with similar levels of experience together, though, as it's not fair on experienced people to have to wait whilst beginners learn how to do it! That means we may not necessarily have a suitable class when you're free if your availability is limited.    

What happens if you haven't got anything to offer me at the moment?

Everyone who applies to join us goes on our waiting list until we can find you a class, and doesn't come off it unless you tell us you're no longer interested in a space with us or we don't get a response when we offer you places in courses or classes. 


We have courses finishing and people moving around all the time, so slots do become available quite regularly. Even if we don't have anything at the moment, it may be that we'll have something in a few weeks' time!


It can sometimes take a while before we have a suitable slot to offer you, though, especially if your availability is very limited - but it's rare we can't find you something eventually! 

What do I need to do to get a place in a class?

Fill in our form. That's it!


The form will give us all the information we need to determine what class you will be best for you, and we'll be in touch as soon as we have one to offer you. 


To find the form, close this page and click on 'Apply to join a class'. 

Is there anything else I need to know before I apply to join a class with Quintor?

Please ensure you read our Privacy Policy before you apply to train with us.

Attending our Classes

Payment Terms

You will be sent a 'handbook' when we offer you a class, and when we confirm it too, which contains full details of our payment terms. The following should give you a rough idea, though....

We accept the following means of payment:


Cheque (must be received at least 1 week in advance)

Bank transfer


We will accept payment on arrival (not cheques!) for taster sessions but, if you want to pay by bank transfer, you'll probably need to pay before you arrive as the mobile signal can be variable for some networks at our sites!


Courses of 6 lessons must be paid for (and funds cleared) at least 3 days before the start to secure your place.


Once you have completed two 6-week blocks of classes, you can either continue paying in blocks of 6 classes or we're happy to accept a monthly payment (in advance, payable on whatever day you prefer each month) if you plan to continue coming to us regularly for the foreseeable future. The monthly payment will cover the cost of the classes that are due to run in the following month and, if any classes you pay for end up being cancelled, the cost will be deducted from your next month's payment.


Blocks of 6 sessions are not refundable, but we understand unexpected issues can arise (on your part or ours) that may mean you cannot attend (or we cannot provide) one or more of the lessons you have paid for.


If we cancel a lesson:

You don't lose the lesson if we cancel it, whatever notice we give you. So we'll either arrange another time to provide it for you, or deduct it from your next payment for a block of lessons.


If you can't attend:

We ask that you tell us as soon as possible if you will not be attending a lesson.


If you give us 48 hours’ notice or more, you won't lose it and we'll find an alternative way to provide it for you. We do reserve the right not to do this, though, if it becomes a regular occurrence – we obviously couldn’t operate if everyone just decided whether they fancied it each week and we had to find alternatives for them whenever they didn’t!!


If you notify us with less than 48 hours’ notice, you forfeit that lesson – in other words, it’s payable but you lose it (although in some circumstances we may still offer you an alternative if we can - see the next section on Class Standards and Conduct).

Class Standards and Conduct

We will send you a 'handbook' when we offer a class to you and that will tell you everything you need to know about coming to a class with us - including about standards/conduct. 

What do I need to bring with me – for myself and my dog?

For your dog, you just need treats and/or toys (if your dog is more toy motivated), and poo bags. And, obviously, their lead! We provide water at our training sites, so no need to bring any with you.


Our main training field is very exposed to all elements, be that heat or cold. You will need appropriate footwear and clothing – including a warm and windproof coat if it’s cold. You may need the same for your dog too – ie warm coats in cold weather, and cooling coats in the heat.

Join-Us Whisper Dog Walk

Join us!!

Have you read what you need to know about coming to a class with us (see ‘Class Prices & Details’)?


If you have, and you’re ready to give us a go, then click below to be added to our list! It’ll ask you for everything we need to know to find the best class or taster for you (eg details about your dog, your experience with agility and when you’re available).   


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll add you to our list and offer you the next suitable slot we have.   

Apply to go on our list...

Once we receive your request, we'll put you on the list and be in touch as soon as we have a space to offer you.

Please see 'Class Prices & Details' (link at the end of this form - after the 'submit' button) for details about our classes, and how soon we're likely to have something we can offer you!

** IMPORTANT - Please read!!**

If you don't receive a confirmation message when you submit this form:

1. If the form closes when you press the submit button, open it again - your answers should still be loaded

2. Check there aren't any fields with red messages. The message will tell you what the issue is.

3. If all fields are completed correctly, but there's an error message at the top of the form, it means the form hasn't been submitted so we won't receive it. Take a screenshot of your answers if you can, close the form and click on 'Form Not Working? Let Us Know!' You will then be able to send us a message and you can attach screenshots of the completed form to this if you have them so we have the information we need to add you to our list.
This field is required. We send most of our communication by email, but we may occasionally need to text or call you about a slot or class we're offering you.
This field is required.
This field is required. Jump heights are different for different sizes of dog, and we try to arrange classes with dogs of a similar size so time isn't wasted changing jump heights during your lesson.
Please give your dog's age in months if they are under 18 months old as this helps us determine which class will be best for them. And please do tell us whether you've given their age in months or years!! (If you have a pup that's 5 months, for example, but you just say they're 5, we don't know if they're 5 years or 5 months!)

If your pup is too young for any classes at the moment, we'll put you on the list for the first suitable class that's available once they are old enough to join.
This field is required for us to work out the best option to offer you. We don't mix complete beginners (dogs or people) with dogs/handlers that have some experience.
Optional, but it will help us find you the best classes if we have some idea of your level of experience.
Required - you will need to answer this to submit the form.

Please give us an idea of your goals with dog agility. It really does help us to put classes together that work for everyone, and deliver what everyone wants, if we know!!
Please tell us if your dog has any issues as it will enable us to find the most suitable class (and, in some cases, location) for you. If we know in advance, we can also take steps to make sure both you, your dog and anyone else in your class have the best possible experience when they come to a class with us.
This field is required. It helps us to plan classes, and saves everyone time, if we have some idea when you're free before we offer you a slot. Please be specific if you have limited availability - for example, if you're only available in the evening, please tell us the earliest you'd be free to come to a class.
This is a required field.

If you're not sure what we mean by a 'taster' session, close this form (what you've completed so far should be saved) and take a look at the 'Join us' section on the main page. You'll find more detailed information about what we offer and attending our classes if you click on 'Class Prices & Details'.
Anything else you want to tell us?
Link below if you haven't read it yet!
Link below if you haven't read it yet!

Form not working? 

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Problems sending website enquiry....
Border collie sat on stool
We’re sorry you’ve had problems sending an enquiry to us. We check this website regularly to make sure everything’s working at it should, but some things update automatically before we’ve had a chance to check the site.

Please let us know by emailing (click on the link and it’ll open a new email in your email app).

If you tell us why you were getting in touch, we’ll also be able to deal with your enquiry!

A few photos from our archives....

Quintor hall of fame! A tribute to some of the wonderful dogs and handlers that Quintor have had the privilege to work with over the years.  (Hover or tap for description, click to pop-up image full size)


Trusted friends....

We have several amazing partners that we support, and who support us……. (hover for more information)


Your pets are in safe hands!

Branches in Torquay | Teignmouth | Newton Abbot
Quarry Vets are much respected and highly valued supporters of Quintor.

Helping the homeless pets of South Devon

When pets' lives fall apart, we're here to pick up the pieces and give them happy lives!
Quintor work very closely with our local animal shelter, Animals in Distress. More details below!
  • Why is agility so good for rescue dogs?

  • How do Animals in Distress operate?

  • What work do we do with them?

Rescue Dogs, Quintor & Animals in Distress

Rescue dogs and agility....

Rescued dogs often ended up in a re-homing shelter because their owners are unable to cope with their high energy levels or hyperactivity. Agility is wonderful for these types of dogs. 


A lot of rescued dogs come along to Quintor classes to relieve boredom or stress.  We have a secure, penned in, training area so it's ideal for rescue dogs who cannot yet be trusted to run off-lead. At Quintor, they can train and learn to have fun with their owners, let off a bit of steam and go home happy and tired.

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Animals in Distress

Animals in distress staff with dog
Getting lovely slobbery kisses!

Animals in Distress have been caring for an rehoming unwanted domestic animals since 1994. It rehomes over 1000 animals per year.


Animals go to the rescue centre for a variety of reasons: bereavement, illness, relationship breakdown, financial reasons and - sadly - cruelty and neglect. The policy of the Charity is never to turn away an animal in distress, and never to have an animal put to sleep unless, on veterinary advice, it is too ill or dangerous to be rehomed.


Click here to visit their website if you would like to donate, are interested in rescuing an animal from them, could offer your help as a volunteer or would just like to know more!

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Quintor's work with Animals in Distress

Quintor have close links with Animals in Distress, and a long history of supporting their invaluable work.


We give agility demonstrations at dogs shows, fayres and other events held at their rescue centre. The photos below are from some of those events.

We also hold a number of events to raise funds for them ourselves.

Photos that capture the beauty and spirit of your precious pet

Covering Mid- and South-Devon.
Paws 'n' Shoot are Quintor's official photographers.

The home of a dog-centred care approach.

Andy (Train Positive) is a locally, and nationally, renowned canine behaviourist.

He has worked with Jan (Quintor) for many years. If you can get him (he is in demand!), it's who Quintor recommend!

Breeders of beautiful collies, with fantastic temperaments!

Quintor has trained many Korsabian collies - and Jan has owned them herself. They come highly recommended by us!

More about dog agility

The UK Kennel Club provide a lot of information about agility.
A good source of information about the sport.

You'll also find information here about competing in Kennel Club licenced agility competitions. The finals of KC agility competitions are what you see at Crufts.
The alternative to Kennel Club agility competitions.
UK Agility, known as UKA, is well worth a look if you're thinking of competing. Some prefer it to Kennel Club agility competitions!
Agility show diary, and lots more!
Primarily used by agility competitors to find shows, there's a lot more than that on AgilityNet! For example, you'll find items for sale, news, details of upcoming workshops and general information about agility on the site.
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